Dillen Pantua


Dr. Halberstadt has been amazing throughout my two years with him. When I first met him, he was friendly and informative. I am very comfortable having conversations with him and asking questions. Coming into his office feels very welcoming. He made having braces bearable because I know that I will have perfect teeth. I have had the best experience with him, I am very grateful for that.

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Alyssa Vitalino


Being a person who hated dentists as a whole for years, and being so difficult with teeth and getting them bothered with , I have come a long way. Coming to Dr. Halberstadt was an amazing choice! He made me feel warm, welcome and so safe! Dr. Halberstadt is funny, nice, cares about all of his patients and helps children have fun while improving their smile! :)

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Saskia Henriques


I've been a patient of Dr. Halberstadt's for over two years now and I honestly look forward to my appointments every month. Dr. Halberstadt's office is an extremely comfortable environment and his two assistants Diana and Cathy are welcoming and funny. Dr. Halberstadt has done an incredible job with my teeth and I'm proud to say my braces will be off soon. I truly recommend Dr. Halberstadt for anyone who is in need of an orthodontist. Thank you Dr. Halberstadt, you're the best there is :)

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Michelle Collado


''I love attending this practice, I am a very picky person involving my teeth, but I have no problem putting the beauty of my smile in the hands of the people who work at this practice. This practice has such a warm environment, every time you enter, the employees greet you with a kind attitude. If you are thinking about becoming a patient of this practice, I fully support your decision to do so, you will not regret it.''

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Lauren Santoro


Once you walk in to Dr. Geoffrey's orthodontics office you get a parking pass speedy fast.You always feel welcome. Dr. Geoffrey never hurts you and everyone is nice. He has a beautiful room and lots of handy equipment. If you have anything wrong with your teeth you can count on him. It is the best!

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Ryan Baiju


I love this place because my teeth were very crooked and now my teeth are straight and are in the process of being fixed! I also like this place because it is the best orthodontist in this borough and neighborhood. It also has very nice staff helping us in as many ways as possible.

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Sheldon Delisle


I have been going to Dr. Halberstadt's office for 4 years since my freshman year of highschool and every time i go to his office he asks me how things are or how is basketball going. Even though I sometimes have broken brackets or broken pieces he is always patient with me and always helps me out. For my senior year of highschool I went away to Oregon and I didn't have an orthodontist to go to so my braces were not improving but as soon as I came back to new york he continued with me like I never left. Thank You Dr. Halberstadt!

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Mark Stone


Dr. Halberstadt is one of the most attentive, thorough, and genial orthodontists you will find in the greater NYC area. At every appointment he meticulously examines my teeth and sometimes makes recommendations (e.g. it would be wise to get your wisdom teeth pulled) beyond the general scope of his work. Thanks to Dr. Halberstadt's diligent work, my teeth have aligned properly and give no indication that I ever required orthodontic care. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Halberstadt's practices to anyone seeking orthodontic help.

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Ian Domiano


I have been attending Dr. Geoffrey Halberstadt's orthodontist office since I got my braces 3 years ago. Before he checks my braces at each appointment, he always asks me how I am doing and what I have been up to lately. His co-workers are very friendly as well. Scheduling an appointment is also very easy. Even if you cant make they have no problem with letting you come in another day. I recommend Dr. Geoffrey Halberstadt to anyone in need of orthodontist care.

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Eddie Kanhai


Dr. Geoffrey Halberstadt is the only Orthodontist I've been to, but I'm pretty sure he's one of the best. I've had braces for about 2-3 years now and the results are pretty good. His co workers are really friendly, cool, and get their job done. From the moment I walk in I'm greeted politely and I'm taken care of by the end of the day. I would recommend them to anyone in need of an orthodontist. -Charan Kanhai

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